Surround Sounds  Theresa’s prompt (click the link for her full post):

The task today is to write a short prose or poetry piece that illustrates the importance of sound in the world around us.  As a bonus, try to use onomatopoeia–words that sound like their meaning.  For example: The steam hisses before evaporating into nothingness.

Once you’ve written your piece please tag your work Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie and Saturday Mix…

If there were no crows, seagulls,

Small songbirds singing—

What would compensate for

Keen and howl of speeding sirens,

Deafening shake of jet planes

Above ceiling?


If not for play of pleasing wind chimes,

There’d only be neighbors’ car alarms,

Loud vehicles, slamming doors.


Without my snores to wake

Me in the middle of late movie,

I’d likely keep denying fatigue

And never go to bed.

Without my own laughter, unrestrained,

I might forget that some days are too good—

Even when absurd—not to celebrate.


Without symphony of rain,

I might miss sense of soul being

Soothed, wash, refreshed;

Without trees sawing wind, I might not

Hear God’s voice in the storm.


I dream the shush-hush of ocean waves,

Blue on teal, on indigo—ripples foamed with lace;

They take me to another place…

Salt-tanged, sea-shelled timeless escape

Shuts out old voices mocking my mistakes.


And in rare brief moments heaven-sent,

When all I hear is my heart still beating—

I bless the silence, sound of God’s embrace.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credit: Pixabay

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Topaz River Abduction  Click the link to participate in this challenge.

Prompt titles—choose one or more below and compose a poem or story. Multiple submissions are welcome as well as submissions containing multiple titles.

The Girl Who Became a Bear; The Grinning Man; Delilah Blue and the Faulty Timepiece; The Crowd Whisperer; The Reversal of Nothing; A Welcome Betrayal; Prophetess in Silk; The Coven of Controversial Virtues; Shadows in the Water; The Minutiae of Stars. 

Amid the shadows in the water of Topaz River

Are reflected the minutia of stars, and mysteries

Unsolved—including those yet to surface, for probing…

It had been a summer full of enigmatic characters

Slipping in and out of our town—and I would become

One of them, known as the Crowd Whisperer

Because I was acquainted with some of the principals.

Sharmalea Cruze was young, simpleminded, and fanciful.

Folks spoke of her as The Girl Who Became A Bear—for

Sharmalea insisted she could shape-shift into a silver-tip bruin.

Every Halloween she dressed in a tattered pink tutu,

And growled through a fanged bear mask.

Another denizen was Delilah Blue, older than anyone knew;

Usually pleasant, most likely suffering the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Poor Delilah was the target of teenagers who thought it great

Sport to ask her for the time, just to hear what crazy answer

She might offer as she peered at the faulty timepiece pinned

Above her lacy breast pocket or calico apron’s bib.

And there was the Grinning Man, who made his meager living

As a local handyman.  Considered basically harmless,

Some were put off by his toothless mumbling—and that he

Gave his name as either “Abe” or “Jake”, depending on his mood.

The Prophetess was well-respected by all—men and women

Paused when she’d float through Main Street’s courtyard

Trailing lengthy silk scarves of sapphire, saffron, cerise…

Or any brilliant hue shot through with silver threads.

When the Dark Thing happened everyone expected

Her to divine its meaning and resolution—but even if she

Had such revelation, would she be bound to share it?

The fundamentalists deemed her gift one of what they

Referred to as, the Coven of Controversial Virtues

For prophecy might well be blessing, or curse; and

Who’d really want to hear about the latter?

The day the Dark Thing happened began with a

Periwinkle dawn, pretty as you please—but sepia storm

Clouds rumbled as the alarm rang out:  Emeraude and

Henry’s new baby was missing—just 10 days old, it was.

The townsmen suspended normal work, explored high

And wide; while the sheriff queried “Abe-Jake” and anyone

Else among the odd residents, and peculiar visiting strangers.

One week after Topaz River had already been searched,

The Prophetess intoned, “go back to the riverbank

On a Sunday afternoon”.

And I, the crowd whisperer, had begun to feel uncomfortable

Stirrings; neighbors were murmuring speculations,

Asking one another if they’d seen “so and so” lately.

Finding the baby was a tragic reversal of nothing; it didn’t

Restore her to her parents, bring her back to life.

When the babe was discovered in the arms of Sharmalea,

The bear-girl sat rocking its tiny corpse, and

Staring into the ripples of gurgling Topaz River.

Sorrow lay like fog upon the town.

Emeraude wept a bit at her child’s funeral, and

Told all who expressed the least curiosity that she’d

Forgiven Sharmalea the abduction.

No one believed murder was part of it.

Sharmalea had long yearned for a baby of her own, envied

Emeraude—who’d had 10 children.  It must have been

An accidental suffocation, possibly dehydration.

I suppose only Prophetess and I know the sad secret

Emeraude confessed to her priest…that Sharmalea

Taking the baby was a welcome betrayal.

A tenth child was simply one too many for the exhausted

Mother, and financially burdened father.

…So maybe they’d made it easy for the bear-girl’s

Love-hungry heart to steal.

The shadows in the water likely hold the full tale.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credit: Pixabay

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Local Oasis

Local library

Mind-body-soul oasis

Short bus ride, fresh air

Venture beyond keyboard world

Book addiction benefits

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credit:  Mukilteo Library, Mukilteo, WA/USA

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Bless’d Simple Joy

TJ’s prompt words are “perfume” and “joy”—click the link for more info on participating in his fun haiku challenge.

Photo image by TJ Paris


Oh bless’d simple joy

Friendship’s fragrant flower blooms

Perfumed touch lifts heart


Heaven in a vase

Petaled glory, perfumed joy

Wafting through home, heart


Fresh bouquet’s perfume

Fragrance makes plain house rich home

Oh bless’d simple joy

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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