God’s Everyday Valentine

I’ll love you when no one seems to…and you can’t even bear yourself.

I’ll know you when nobody “gets” you—we’re on the same page together.

I’ll be there when your best isn’t good enough; and when your worst defies polite description.

I’ll laugh with you—yes, I have a sense of humor.

I’m interested in your thoughts, feelings, dreams, passions and projects…when everyone else is too busy, or doesn’t care.

I’ll travel as many miles and years as it takes to find you when you’re lost and confused.

I’ll rebuild what’s broken in your heart, life—remember, I started out as a carpenter.

I’m a fortress for you to run into—I’ll protect you; I’ll be your high ground when you’re drowning.

I’m the eternal nightlight when you’re certain the darkness will go on forever.

I’m sweet nectar—grace, mercy, joy—when life goes sour.

I’m the oasis, the living wellspring when your heart is a Sahara Desert of dried up relationships.

I’m the Holy Spirit’s cool breeze when anger melts your good sense—or someone’s rage has left you in ashes; and I’m His flame to warm you when you feel frozen out.

I’m strong shoulders to carry your burdens, so pile ’em on Me.

My heart will always pillow your weeping…you’re never alone, I’m here.

I promise I’ll hold you with the intimate ecstasy of no other lover.

You’re my Valentine…love, Jesus

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credit: Pixabay

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