Ordered for Triumph

Lord, in Your book You numbered my days

Long before my first breath

With love, You’ve ordered them according to

Your good plan and purpose

For my benefit

And Your Glory

You’ve gifted me with Your Grace

That I might bear the fruit of Your blessings

In the land and lot of Your Promise

Though I journey disheveled through earthly struggles

You’ve commissioned angels on my behalf

So I shall end my time in Triumph ~

In the midst of doubting moments

I thank You, Father

ยฉJael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.



Image credit:ย  Pixabay

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9 thoughts on “Ordered for Triumph

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    • Hi Angela, and thank you for visiting, reading & commenting. Thanks too, for the Psalms verse–I’m debating whether to include scripture with my posts, only because it take extra time and energy to look everything up. This may sound lazy–but my health and stamina are not what they once were. I’ll keep pondering though… In April I did the A to Z Challenge (on another blog) with the theme of my faith–it was a great project for my spirit, but took a lot of time to research everything…and sadly, there were few Christian readers. So I concluded it was really for God and me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again for being here!

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      • I just came to WordPress at the end of April and didn’t know about the challenge until a couple days ago, but I’ve thought about doing it on my own, even though the challenge is over.

        As far as implementing Scripture into your posts, have you considered a digital Bible program? I use SwordSearcher and love it! I’ve used it for years. It includes several Bible translations, commentaries, and books, and you can even create your own modules if desired. It makes searching the Scriptures very easy, and you can copy and paste verses directly into any document or social media post. You should check it out.


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