Flee, Don’t Parley (6-Word Story)

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge

Nicola Aukland offers a fun challenge—click her link to find all the details for participating.  Since I don’t do social media or competitions, I’ll just write a 6-Word Sentence for the fun of it, if she doesn’t mind 🙂  The prompt word is Parley.

Flee, don’t parley with the devil.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Flee, Don’t Parley (6-Word Story)

  1. Hi Jael, you are more than welcome to participate in the creative element of the challenge without entering, there is no requirement to reblog or share on social media to enter. Feel free to post your story in the comments of my post to enter if you wish to do so. Your six word story is very sound life advice!

    Thank you for dropping by, it’s always nice to meet new people.

    Nicola x


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