Love That Never Tapers

Lord, my

Testimony to the world will ever

And always be, “How Great Thou Art” ~

Patiently You’ve pursued me in Peace, Your heart filled and spilling provisions for

Every season ~ Whether I’m devout, generous, or selfishly unsurrendered, You’ve

Redeemed my losses, bad choices, hard-biting bitter woundedness…

Because You are Faithful—

That is Your character.

Your unconditional, covenant love

Never tapers off, diminishes;

It remains full, strong, inviolable.

And when You see

The light within me has

Dimmed to slimmest taper

You breathe Your Spirit anew

Upon me:  the sparks

Burst, shimmer-glimmer,

Reflecting You to those I encounter ~

Thank You, Father, for all the “angels unaware”…

And for allowing me to be one of them.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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