Total Grace

Lord, I am grateful ~

Grateful and glad that You are

The total full-meal deal.

Your shed blood has covered my sins

Totally—Past, Present and Future.

Your love is total—not dependent on

My performance, behavior, attitude,

Mood, or vacillating level of faith;

You love me when I’m dragging—

Filled with angry hurt, frustration.

You possess total awareness of me

And every detail of my life; whatever

Assails me, or brings me joy and laughter.

You remind me that the sum of all

My unlovely acts and aspects

Is not my true identity—

For I belong to You, set apart

Saved and sealed totally.

My world often feels like chaos—

But You maintain total control;

Nothing can completely unravel

On Your watch, and You are ever

My Sentry, Guardian of every minute.

Last night I knew, palpably, that

Your Grace surrounded me totally.

I felt my soul surrender the troubling

Circumstances…heart humbled,

My anger dissolved ~

Thank You for Your perfect peace,

Ushered in with the cooling pewter rain.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credit: Pixabay

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