Surround Sounds  Theresa’s prompt (click the link for her full post):

The task today is to write a short prose or poetry piece that illustrates the importance of sound in the world around us.  As a bonus, try to use onomatopoeia–words that sound like their meaning.  For example: The steam hisses before evaporating into nothingness.

Once you’ve written your piece please tag your work Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie and Saturday Mix…

If there were no crows, seagulls,

Small songbirds singing—

What would compensate for

Keen and howl of speeding sirens,

Deafening shake of jet planes

Above ceiling?


If not for play of pleasing wind chimes,

There’d only be neighbors’ car alarms,

Loud vehicles, slamming doors.


Without my snores to wake

Me in the middle of late movie,

I’d likely keep denying fatigue

And never go to bed.

Without my own laughter, unrestrained,

I might forget that some days are too good—

Even when absurd—not to celebrate.


Without symphony of rain,

I might miss sense of soul being

Soothed, wash, refreshed;

Without trees sawing wind, I might not

Hear God’s voice in the storm.


I dream the shush-hush of ocean waves,

Blue on teal, on indigo—ripples foamed with lace;

They take me to another place…

Salt-tanged, sea-shelled timeless escape

Shuts out old voices mocking my mistakes.


And in rare brief moments heaven-sent,

When all I hear is my heart still beating—

I bless the silence, sound of God’s embrace.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credit: Pixabay

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