Midweek Gratitude


As TJ says, “We can live in a tower built of woe or one of blessings. I prefer blessing with the odd woeful brick for contrast”—AMEN!  Click the link to share your “gratitudes” with him, and everyone else.


Lord, I’m stunned anew with gratitude—

Amazed by the abundant manifestations

Of Your faithful love.

It’s foolish, I know, to be surprised when I’m

Reminded that You mean what You say—

That if we’ll cast our cares on You, You will

Provide whatever we need.

Thank You that You still heal today; that when

Modern medicine fails—and may even make

Us feel worse—You are the Great Physician,

Washing away all trace of a bacterial infection.


Thank You, also, for putting a kind, helpful

Road construction worker on a local crew, 

To guide my steps safely around gaping holes

And uneven pavement.

So often in life, You make a way where there’s no way.


I, too, thank You for my love of cooking—and for

Giving me some amount of natural talent, that I might

Bless the clinic staff with sweet treats during my visit. 

My heart feels most wealthy when I’m giving—it’s

That ‘joy of generosity’ You Yourself know.


And not least among my gratitudes is the

Wellspring of new hope I have,

As the latter half of the year begins.

You are a good-good Father—

I put all my trust in You.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credit: Pixabay

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