Recumbent Heart

Pat’s Prompt:  “So here’s this week’s Sunday writing prompt…A quote from Bukowski and a mixed bouquet of flowers – featuring Ranunculus.
Sit with the quote and/or the images – and pick some essence or element and let your mind wander…Write in the style and form you wish – as it pleases you. Choose the positive, feature the negative, upstyle the mix of both elements…Write a poem. Write some flash.  Remember to include the tags MLMM, Sunday Writing Prompt in your posts.”  Click the link for more information:

Perhaps Charlie’s heart

Was crafted from titanium—

That love could break his bones

And yet he laughs.

Toward mine, Love’s been no

Gentleman with tender touch and kiss;

He opened door, and let it slam…

Once, twice, he never missed.

Broken on battlefield, Romance,

A foreign land where I knew not dance—

Harsh boots tread soul till my pulse bled,

Left me permanently amour-disabled.

Thus, long and many roads ago

I gathered up heart onto medic’s cot,

Carted it far beyond, away…

Where solo, it now reclines behind

Privet green in unseen fragrant bower.

Petals fall on paths, all varieties of flower,

A year-round keepsake garden fit

For poet’s lingering stay…

Seasons pass, and memories;

I turn pages filled with sunset ink,

Braid ribbon through solitude’s bouquet.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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6 thoughts on “Recumbent Heart

  1. Wow – thanks for playing the Sunday writing prompt Jael 🙂

    This is a very powerful piece – deeply intimate and personal and yet there is a resonance of an echo where others can relate – and I really love how you used the word “amour” – because the mind’s eye wants the “trick” of reading “armor” or “armour” – so this is a really key part of this piece. And for the “harsher” implications and elements, there is a grace within – held in the garden – and this adds a sense of comfort and peace, an ease into a gentle closing.


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