Buried Between Poem & Stone

They bury her between lines

Of poetry which will burst into

Flame on full moon nights,

Send up showered sparks;

Red-tipped stars like Pele’s

Fiery passion that melts

September’s sapphire fog,

Leaves salt pools, aloha tears…

They bury her ‘mid surrounding

Stones to protect her soul from

Wandering…flinty spirited rocks,

They sprout wildflower shoots

And bashful blue forget-me-nots.

When next brief summer storm

Breaks cerulean sky, those with

Ears attuned detect voice in

Heaven’s rain-soaked wind:

“Buried, but now she’s Home”.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.


Image:  Hawaiian Cemetery, Public Domain

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5 thoughts on “Buried Between Poem & Stone

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