The Road-Runner (MLMM Saturdays Mix)  Teresa’s Prompt:  Today we’re going to explore characterization, the way a character is revealed throughout the story.  Your writing should focus specifically how we get to know the character: through the narrator directly stating information about the character, through their own words and actions, and through the way other characters react to and interact with the character.  You can share the story of a person you know or a made up character in 250 words or less. It can be prose or poetry.  Once you’ve written your piece please tag your work Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie and Saturday Mix.

Apologies to Teresa, for I confess I went a different direction with her prompt.  Seeing the do-able word-limit, and having just experienced a true slice-of-life, thumbnail-character-sketch, I wanted to share.  So, I’m linking to Teresa’s prompt—but regular MLMM-prompt readers needn’t feel obliged to read. 🙂

Seated at the bus stop outside the library, in a lovely neighborhood, I watched cars and people go by, and thought thoughts while I waited for my bus home.

I saw an older man about to cross the busy 3-lane street on foot, and not within the pedestrian crosswalk.  It fascinated me, how quickly he moved.  He was a fairly small man, trim—obviously in better physical shape than I; he wore a cap to protect his head from the sun; and as he came closer to me, I saw he had a little white brush-mustache.  So he was no youngster, trotting nimbly and confident through mid-afternoon traffic.

When he got safely across I smiled and called out to him, about how amazing it was that he could run so swiftly (as I, carrying 50-60 extra pounds of weight and using a cane, couldn’t have done it to save my life).

He smiled back, and barely broke stride as he replied in a delightful foreign accent:  “I don’t want the police to catch me—I’m not ‘jaywalking’, I’m ‘road-running’!”

I was still laughing out loud as he jogged a block down the incline…in the direction of the municipal police department.  He had doubly enriched the joy of my library trip.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credit: Pixabay/Road Runner

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