Stranger in the Night

This poem by Mr Lenzi deeply impacted me.  His beautiful words gleam with authenticity, and speak of the very personal Savior I know—the Lord who rescues us and restores our hope, as He goes about His work of redeeming our dark and agonizing seasons.  For, God alone knows the treasure He’s hidden there—and by faith, we’ll see the harvest of glory.  Please leave comments for Paul on his ‘original post’ link below poem, thank you 🙂

Poesy plus Polemics

th “Stranger in the Night” by Marina R. Burch

we first met

in dark seams

between torn

sleepless dreams

long ago in the

terrible time

of a traumatized

tormented mind

he extended a

steadying hand

helped me down

from the precipice

flouting the

judgmental glare

of a jury of stars

he spoke quietly

laying assurances

into my heart as he

led me back home

to my life

to my courage

this man who now

sixty years on

shoulders caped

in soft moonlight

fills fully the frame

of my handsome

hewn doorway

extending a

steadying hand

and I know from

the glint of

the pride in his eye

time has come

we return

to that place

where he found me

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