Sunday Song

Thirty years ago I attended a church which seemed as dry as autumn leaves—we often sang this song as a recessional.  I remember how empty the words were in my mouth and heart, and the discomfort of knowing there were others who sang it from a full and deep experience of intimacy with the Lord.

Today my faith is no longer without substance, and there is no space between God and I, our love for each other.   This song comes to me frequently during ordinary days—the words true and rich, as my heart wells with gratitude.

May He bless you with every provision as you enter the new week Jael, 2017


10 thoughts on “Sunday Song

  1. I love that song. So absolutely beautiful and I needed to hear it today. I love how you described how the words of worship and praise were actually empty to you until you became born again and now your heart and spirit are so full of love and joy from the Lord that these words are so meaningful to you. There is nothing like the beauty of love and joy that can only come from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So lovely and heartfelt. I loved it all. Thank you. Sue


    • Hi Sue, and welcome! Thank you for commenting 🙂 I considered whether to write a longer intro, but kept it short. The sad thing is that I was saved at 13 or 14, but my family did not know Jesus, nor did I manage to find churches where he was made REAL to me. But that didn’t concern our Lord over-much, as He knew the Father had called my heart even before the summer I accepted Him at a friend’s church camp. He knew it would be decades before the soil would be ready 🙂 So it wasn’t until Easter week of 2011, when I was the old age of 59 (!) that the Holy Trinity showed up in my living room and turned on His Light for me! (A couple years later I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.) That was the First Best Easter of my life!! Although there are still struggles, I now have the whole angel army of God to help me–We have a Good Good Father and a wonderful Lord–and our strength is the Joy of the Lord 🙂 I’m blessed to meet you, Sister ❤

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