Sunday’s Belated Mid-Week Gratitude

Better late than never, eh?  Last week failed to amuse or agree with me much…however on Friday I felt a surge of energy/motivation, so fool that I am—completely forgetting I’m no spring chicken and pitifully unfit (overweight, sedentary)—I overdid the belated spring cleaning, along with grocery shopping and laundry (communal machine is downstairs, across the parking lot).  Thus, yesterday I could hardly move—I did manage to cook…the jury’s still out on my curry.

I’m improving steadily, but taking just a mini-break from the blogs.  We’re heading into the warmer stretch of Pacific NW summer—and lying on the couch between 2 fans, with a library book, sounds irresistible.

My gratitudes, though tardy, are HUGE!  My thanks to readers who read, and acted on, my recent prayer request for my nephew’s job prospects.  He got the JOB!!!  It will be great for him—less driving, among other perks–and great for me, as he’ll be nearer to my place, i.e., more visits, dinners, etc.  GOD is GOOD, so faithful to meet our needs!!

I’m also thankful God gave me a brain…it may work slower than I’d prefer most days, but eventually, when frustration makes me less than saintly, it kicks in.  I’m speaking about Vision Issues.  The new glasses I recently got were a disappointment…due to what is politely referred to as “complicated eye issues” and the “aging process”.  Why don’t professionals just call it the “Magoo effect”, or say, “you’re blind as a bat, Dearie”?  (you youngsters can Google “Mr Magoo” after you read this) 

I’ve had bifocals for years, but had hoped a new Rx would benefit.  Not really.  Distance vision is okay, reading a book isn’t bad, but the mid-range distance—like for computer work—had me wondering why I paid for new glasses at all.  And yes, I had hoped I might be able to see UPC numbers…

The good news is that, after researching whether there was a magnifying device to put on my laptop screen, I learned another trick—free of charge.  Mind you, I’d already gone into my control panel to find the computer’s magnifying tool, but that didn’t work for me.  Today I discovered you can punch things up with Control key and Plus key—voila!  Next, I’ll need to consider the laptop’s height—currently it’s sitting on my very large Bible commentary book…this needs further tweaking.

I suspect it’s time to accept that taking breaks between computer tasks is really the best advice, so I will endeavor to change previously crazy habits—no more marathon writing/reading sessions.

Overall, I’m a happier (if stiff ‘n sore) girl than I was last week.  I’m deliriously thrilled with my housekeeping accomplishments, and thus most grateful to God for giving me His strength to power through with Joy.  I can now return to my lazier ways till the pre-holiday whirlwind 🙂

May you all be blessed by God’s abundant love this week.  See you soon

PS:  Check out more gratitude at TJ’s blog,

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16 thoughts on “Sunday’s Belated Mid-Week Gratitude

  1. All that physical work and you are rightfully sore, as would be any of us ageing folk. But good you see the shiny side of it all. Its good to be grateful, sometimes its the smallest thing that sets us off on a feeling that all is ok with the world.


  2. A delightful read! I’m so glad to hear about your nephew’s answer to prayer and that he will be closer to you. I overdid it with my chores this week too and injured a foot that is already awaiting surgery. A friend said I’m practicing being in pain. 🙂


  3. congratulations to nephew – I’m so pleased for both of you – you have certainly earned some recuperative rest – don’t know if we have similar computer setup but here’s what I do: go to “windows settings” then click on “system” then click “display” then scroll down to “scale and layout” – here it allows you to select options of 100% 125% etc – I keep mine at 150% which means everything on my screen is always increased to that size


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