Passion’s Third Act

Although this is not how the WordPress Daily Prompt words are meant to be used, I gathered just enough temporary momentum to make 8 prompts into a wordle poem… I’m still on sick-leave, see you all soon…


They swim in the shallows now…

She pours tepid tea over a clean

Cotton dish towel worn thin

And folded in enamelware

Bowl, blue with speckles—

Wrings it out and places it

Against his closed eyelids. 

His murmured, “Mm, wonderful”,

Ripples through her, makes her feel useful,

Satisfying the ache in these late years.

His quiet voice, tender, still arouses her;

Harmonizes with her not-so-dormant

Passion as he savors the

Fragrance—“mint, cinnamon, citrus…”

“Is it helping the headache?” she asks.

From beyond the tea towel remedy his

Hand reaches up, blindly searches

For her face.

She clasps it, guides it across her cheeks,

Lips…topography of first shy intimacies…

Then lays it on his chest, to keep

Her tears hidden; fearing the floodgate

Might open, drown them both if he

So much as kisses her fingers.

Theirs has not been the most

Traditional love story—32 years stretch

Between them—but it’s been everything a

Gilded imagination can embroider.

“Heroic denial”, is how he describes her

Refusal to allow the mental movie projector

To play him other than virile, handsome—

Forever in his late-forties, where her heart

Locked him a lifetime ago.

She lifts the lightly tea-stained cloth,

Peers into his fatigued yet unfading

Sky-rinsed river stone eyes.

“Better, now?” she whispers.

“Always, Love”…he pulls her close.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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