Substandard, Sad Realities

I’ve searched hither and thither

To and fro, far as yon…

Naught in this world allures,

Satisfies for long.

Is it ennui? Am I forlorn?

No, substandard has become

Well acceptable norm.

Planned obsolescence:

Trucks, toasters, TV’s…

And old values viewed as

Lacking today’s relevance…

Just toss ’em, ride slippery-slide to iniquity.

Can’t place all blame on technology,

As though it sprouts up like innocent

But noxious weeds.

Human minds conceive and

Develop improvements—

Watch, gleeful, while the masses

Swallow everything, taste greed.

Cracks appear—distance increases

Between hearts, souls—what was

Meaningful is now missing pieces…

Are people, relationships, the

next substandard commodity?

If so, we need The Savior

More than ever before… Only He

Accepts my haphazard submission

In trade for perfect, guaranteed

Eternal grace-love toward me.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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