Excessive Heat Warnings, Foggy Poet

Here in God’s Country, we’ve had daily alerts:  Excessive Heat Warning, Poor Air Quality…record-breaking temps in the 90+ range expected to continue unrelieved.  Folks advised to avoid the sun, drink lots of water–especially those in their senior years and/or with health issues which excessive heat can exacerbate, even fatally. 

I picked a fine time to be “old” and contract a virus which has laid me flat, thus ruling out a diagnosis of “walking pneumonia”. 

No sleep to be had, and no A/C—so the fans are roaring as I apply blue gel ice packs everywhere, and pray for grace and mercy…since my attitude of gratitude has shrunk down to shamefully paltry dregs. Surely my parched soul shall rejoice in, and reverence, the Lord 🙂


Foggy film over aging eyes, caul


Obnubilates vision beyond too-full


Glass, sights none should see…time turns slashed photographic thoughts


Grainy; heart memories pooling in brine, salt tears for soothing…


Yet nothing’s healed:  wounds make raw the moans of singed ghosts moving slow through ragged forest’s heat, smoke-heavy fog.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credit: Pixabay


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12 thoughts on “Excessive Heat Warnings, Foggy Poet

    • Thanks much, Paul–I’m getting to the end point of the virus (feels like forever, though of course it’s not…)–and I just checked the weather outlook: in 2 weeks the temp will hopefully fall to lower 70’s with a 20% chance of rain, OH JOY!!

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  1. Jael. I’m reading this a few days later and I hope you are feeling much better. I’m in the midwest and the heat did subside this past week, hope you all got a break from the heat and humidity too. Have a blessed day and week ahead.


    • Hi there! I’m definitely better than I was, thank you–and we had a little break from the heat, though they’re saying Wednesday will be another 90+. It’s amazing how just few degrees cooler makes so much difference! I lived in Minn for 9 yrs in my youth–drastic winters and summers, compared to here in the Pac NW 🙂 You take good care, don’t get over-heated–God bless you abundantly ❤


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