No Ordinary Kiss…

Michael, that saucy Aussie, asks us to write about a kiss:  “You can use the word in any form you choose, create your own context but mostly have fun”.  I tried to avoid steaming up my blog…but alas, I may have failed.  I’ve combined Michael’s prompt with the WP daily post word, “Spicy”.

A spicy kiss

Will hit or miss,

But just a peck—

What the heck?

A gentle buss

Can calm a fuss;

Though smack-attacks—

Finesse, they lack.

And sloppy smooch

That tastes of hooch?

Too coarse, uncouth—

Don’t even think

Of coming back.

Kiss me ‘neath the coconut tree—

I’ve been yours before you knew me.

You were my Sir Lancelot—

One imagined kiss, and I was caught.

Just dreaming of your kiss, I swoon—

Morning, midnight…misting afternoon.

Kiss me as first winter snow falls—

Ignore the years, youth’s passion calls.

Blow me a kiss before you go—

I’ll hold that snapshot

Forever, you know…

And, if Fate should bring your return

To quench my ardor’s craving—

Bésame, mi corazón; mi amor, bésame mucho!

As, my heart beats love for only you—

And my every kiss, I’m saving.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

Image credits:  Francesco Hayez, “The Kiss”, 1859 (Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain); Andrea Bocelli, “Besame Mucho”/YouTube

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