We set sail on a sliver of star shine

Stitched into dusk with scent of moonflower.

The sun had made a slow surrender, its heat

Subsiding as we marked more than one

Forgotten anniversary with this long-delayed

Trip…away from phone calls, meetings, the

Press and stress of professional duties.

When we married, I promised to

Follow his dreams—perhaps an

Archaic template for matrimony, but

I was consumed by surprising passion…

How easily the heart can bend when

Softened by the tenderness of strength and

Character which have nothing to prove.

We scan the perfect indigo sky

Together, arm in arm.

I don’t like sailing, never have—

But if these are our final hours,

I will slip from life, my heart filled

Only with love’s gratitude.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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