A simmered color flushed Calla’s

Cheeks and throat to match the punch

She’d mixed to a tsunami froth.

What was the matter What was the matter??

The matter was that she was meeting her

Mother-in-law for the first time…

The mom from the nether world,

A documented nut-case whom family

Members kept in chains in the cellar

When she’d burst into fits of glossolalia.

And this very moment she was

Walking through Calla’s door.

Calla mopped her face with cool water,

Smoothed her apron-covered house dress.

On the surface, Mrs Giblet looked nice enough.

The two women smiled nervously at each other.

“Calla, I’m so pleased to finally make your

Acquaintance.  I wasn’t sure what to bring—

Hope you’ll like it.”

She handed Calla a bottle which looked to

Hold fancy liqueur…but Calla was wary:

Might be toxic, stirred up in the cellar’s cauldron…

Mother Giblet tapped the label lightly—

“Forgive my bragging, I created and named it,

And it won a gold medal:  ‘Lovers Punch’—

Would you care to try some?”

Calla glanced surreptitiously at her own

Punch bowl, discreetly covered.

“Why, yes—it couldn’t hurt to have

Just a sip before dinner.”

She discovered it had the smoothest

Fruity blend she’d ever tasted.

Calla looked at her husband, Moke—

Who was trying to hide a grin—then

Realized the truth:  she’d been pranked.

This warm and lovely woman wasn’t a

Dungeon Queen who boiled potions…

And possibly daughters-in-law.

She wasn’t scary at all.

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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