The Last Reunion

I’m way behind with Pat’s Prompt:  “Consider the images, the quote, the dissonance, discord and…Write in the style and form you wish.  Remember to include the tags MLMM and (Sunday) writing prompt in your posts.”

What THEY wanted—

That’s where it all started, where

It would always and ever end;

Their wants, needs; their

Convenience and limitations;

Their rules, their way, their

Superior ideas, their say.

And if that wasn’t enough they

Wanted pretty lies, like shiny

Ribbons, wrapped ’round every

Word, gesture of my submission.

Generational deceit kept the wheels

Turning smoothly on the family cart—

Because, heaven forbid you try to

Force the truth on them:  a crashing

Head-on collision of realities.

So, now that I’d been made

Hopelessly ill by their demanding

Dishonesty—so chronic as to eat

Away, corrode and erode the soul

Same as terminal cancer—

I volunteered to host a reunion.

The flowers and tables were arranged

To perfection, and I’d been cooking

For days—a menu accommodating

Everyone’s dietary peculiarities…

Charlie, my erstwhile romantic focus, had

Remained an occasional casual friend

Whenever he came out of hiding, looking

For food he didn’t catch in the wild.

He lived deep-in, where the Woodbine Twineth;

An alienated recluse since his tour of duty

In the Vietnamese jungles had made

The war his permanent condition.

When asked if he could find, get me something,

His sunken eyes slowly appraised me…

And he inquired what my need was.

He knew my brokenness well, was thus

Surprised I’d be entertaining family

And hangers-on, pseudo-kinfolk.

I shrugged, gave no details he’d be pressed

To prevaricate about, if questioned.

“You won’t see me, after this,” I said softly,

As I poured his small bottles and vials

Into the “endless punch bowl”, and

Handed the empties back to him.

“You gonna be alright, Miss Marlys?”

“Oh yes, Charlie—I’ll be fine.

We’ll all be fine, I reckon.  Eventually.”


The local papers made much of the

Horrific mystery; wondered if “Old

Charlie” had suddenly snapped.  But

No one would ever find him.  His

Campsite was abandoned, just a little

Shrine left behind:  a bouquet of dying

Field flowers, and a paper heart…

“For Marlys”, scribbled with burnt match heads♥

©Jael Sook, 2017 All rights reserved.

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10 thoughts on “The Last Reunion

  1. well written and definitely speaks of “truths” – however much or little, isn’t really the point at this reading – but it resonates – and yeah, right from the start – THEY – THEIR – and “family dictates” and how these ties can chain and bind – and how it all spills and overflows out –

    you did a wonderful job with the prompt Jael 😀

    I really like the power behind the piece – the form and the presence of it all as it reads and in some ways, it’s almost like a “weird” manifesto – the whole catering to …. one last time ….. it has an edge that wanders slightly to the darkness of unasked and unanswered questions …. I like it. 😀

    thanks for playing the prompt 🙂


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