5 Lines from the Establishment Couple (3LineTales)

Three Line Tales, Week 80

Apologies to our host, Sonya, who may bar me from 3LineTales—I had to have 2 extra lines for this one ūüôā

photo by Annie Theby via Unsplash


Stella:¬† “Oh no, my worst dream has come true… Frank!¬† The hippies are back.”

Frank:¬† “The van is sparkling clean…that has to be a good sign.”

Stella:¬† “Probably just means somebody’s parents passed away, and they’ve come into some money for a brand new peace-drugs-and-love nest.”

Frank:¬† “Come on, Love—where’s your Christian grace and tolerance?”

Stella:¬† “Packed in that box with the beads and mood ring I gave to the church charity drive…”

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A simmered color flushed Calla’s

Cheeks and throat to match the punch

She’d mixed to a tsunami froth.

What was the matter?  What was the matter??

The matter was that she was meeting her

Mother-in-law for the first time…

The mom from the nether world,

A documented nut-case whom family

Members kept in chains in the cellar

When she’d burst into fits of glossolalia.

And this very moment she was

Walking through Calla’s door.

Calla mopped her face with cool water,

Smoothed her apron-covered house dress.

On the surface, Mrs Giblet looked nice enough.

The two women smiled nervously at each other.

“Calla, I’m so pleased to finally make your

Acquaintance.¬† I wasn’t sure what to bring—

Hope you’ll like it.”

She handed Calla a bottle which looked to

Hold fancy liqueur…but Calla was wary:

Might be toxic, stirred up in the cellar’s cauldron…

Mother Giblet tapped the label lightly—

“Forgive my bragging, I created and named it,

And it won a gold medal:¬† ‘Lovers Punch’—

Would you care to try some?”

Calla glanced surreptitiously at her own

Punch bowl, discreetly covered.

“Why, yes—it couldn’t hurt to have

Just a sip before dinner.”

She discovered it had the smoothest

Fruity blend she’d ever tasted.

Calla looked at her husband, Moke—

Who was trying to hide a grin—then

Realized the truth:¬† she’d been pranked.

This warm and lovely woman wasn’t a

Dungeon Queen who boiled potions…

And possibly daughters-in-law.

She wasn’t scary at all.

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Limited Accommodations (3LineTales)

Three Line Tales, Week 78

photo by Mahdis Mousavi via Unsplash


Stairway to Heaven?…good grief, most of us are seniors…surely there must be ‘disabled’ accommodations…

Hello?¬† Could somebody tell me—is there an escalator or elevator?

Oh well…guess stairs are better than old Jacob’s rickety Ladder…

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After Dinner ~ Fi50


Bruce’s prompt for this month is‚Ķ


After dinner

Comes dessert

Each diner

Hungers differently

Something sweet, gooey

A liqueur, fruity

Dancing, prelude

To romancing

(Skip drinks, food

May impede interlude)

Rousing board game

Scrabble, Monopoly

Stimulating movie

Action, mystery


Tall tales spun

What life was like

“When we were young”


Diners head to bed.

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 Image credit: Pixabay

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Sunday’s Belated Mid-Week Gratitude

Better late than never, eh?¬† Last week failed to amuse or agree with me much…however on Friday I felt a surge of energy/motivation, so fool that I am—completely forgetting I’m no spring chicken and pitifully unfit (overweight, sedentary)—I overdid the belated spring cleaning, along with grocery shopping and laundry (communal machine is downstairs, across the parking lot).¬† Thus, yesterday I could hardly move—I did manage to cook…the jury’s still out on my curry.

I’m improving steadily, but taking just a mini-break from the blogs.¬† We’re heading into the warmer stretch of Pacific NW summer—and lying on the couch between 2 fans, with a library book, sounds irresistible.

My gratitudes, though tardy, are HUGE!¬† My thanks to readers who read, and acted on, my recent prayer request for my nephew’s job prospects.¬† He got the JOB!!!¬† It will be great for him—less driving, among other perks–and great for me, as he’ll be nearer to my place, i.e., more visits, dinners, etc.¬† GOD is GOOD, so faithful to meet our needs!!

I’m also thankful God gave me a brain…it may work slower than I’d prefer most days, but eventually, when frustration makes me less than saintly, it kicks in.¬† I’m speaking about Vision Issues.¬† The new glasses I recently got were a disappointment…due to what is politely referred to as “complicated eye issues” and the “aging process”.¬† Why don’t professionals just call it the “Magoo effect”, or say, “you’re blind as a bat, Dearie”?¬† (you youngsters can Google “Mr Magoo” after you read this)¬†

I’ve had bifocals for years, but had hoped a new Rx would benefit.¬† Not really.¬† Distance vision is okay, reading a book isn’t bad, but the mid-range distance—like for computer work—had me wondering why I paid for new glasses at all.¬† And yes, I had hoped I might be able to see UPC numbers…

The good news is that, after researching whether there was a magnifying device to put on my laptop screen, I learned another trick—free of charge.¬† Mind you, I’d already gone into my control panel to find the computer’s magnifying tool, but that didn’t work for me.¬† Today I discovered you can punch things up with Control key and Plus key—voila!¬† Next, I’ll need to consider the laptop’s height—currently it’s sitting on my very large Bible commentary book…this needs further tweaking.

I suspect it’s time to accept that taking breaks between computer tasks is really the best advice, so I will endeavor to change previously crazy habits—no more marathon writing/reading sessions.

Overall, I’m a happier (if stiff ‘n sore) girl than I was last week.¬† I’m deliriously thrilled with my housekeeping accomplishments, and thus most grateful to God for giving me His strength to power through with Joy.¬† I can now return to my lazier ways till the pre-holiday whirlwind ūüôā

May you all be blessed by God’s abundant love this week.¬† See you soon‚ô•

PS:¬† Check out more gratitude at TJ’s blog, https://amaviedecoeurentier.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/midweek-gratitude-3/

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One-Liner Wednesday: …But I’m Blessed

My internal thermostat is out of whack; the world isn’t fit for decent pigs, let alone people; but I’m blessed—married 39 years to my imaginary friend from childhood‚ô• ūüôā

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One-Liner Wednesday – He’s at it yet again

Linda’s rules for ‚ÄúOne-Liner Wednesday‚ÄĚ are:

1. Make it one sentence.

2. Try to make it either funny or inspirational.

3. Use our unique tag #1linerWeds.

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Marnie’s Moxie (Limerick)

Moxie, was Marnie’s middle name—

An early, ” You, Go Girl!”, of unknown fame.

She could cook up heaven in a frying pan;

Worked as hard, and played fiddle to match any man.

But she wouldn’t budge for romance…it just wasn’t her game.

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