5 Lines from the Establishment Couple (3LineTales)

Three Line Tales, Week 80

Apologies to our host, Sonya, who may bar me from 3LineTales—I had to have 2 extra lines for this one ūüôā

photo by Annie Theby via Unsplash


Stella:¬† “Oh no, my worst dream has come true… Frank!¬† The hippies are back.”

Frank:¬† “The van is sparkling clean…that has to be a good sign.”

Stella:¬† “Probably just means somebody’s parents passed away, and they’ve come into some money for a brand new peace-drugs-and-love nest.”

Frank:¬† “Come on, Love—where’s your Christian grace and tolerance?”

Stella:¬† “Packed in that box with the beads and mood ring I gave to the church charity drive…”

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